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Carl Brown started writing software to solve problems for customers more than 15 years ago. One day, he had a customer ask him to develop a networked application for the Palm VII. A few years later in 2005, believing mobile development to be the future, he founded his own company: PDAgent, LLC (he also thought at the time that the acronym “PDA” would remain the relevant name for mobile computers, but hey, you win some, you lose some). Although he’s had a (mostly non-mobile development) day job since just before his daughter was born in 2006, he still jumped on the iPhone development bandwagon when the SDK was released in 2008, and has worked on several iPhone apps for companies since, including iRescuer and iHazMat for Texas Rope Rescue and Calorie Tracker for LIVESTRONG.COM.

This is Carl’s personal blog. These are his opinions, not those of any company he may have done work for. Also, Carl is not a lawyer, and Carl’s opinions should not be construed as legal advice.